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            Welcome to
        Bensham Manor       
     Allotment Society Ltd

We are located at the end of Lion Road, Croydon.
There are two sites which make up our Society - Lion Road and Bert Road.
The land is leased from Croydon Council but we are self managed with a committee handling all lettings and maintenance.
We have an area of over 1400 rods, split over 183 plots, some large and some small.  There have been allotments on this site for over 130 years. (see Our History).

Please see the Contact Us page for addresses, phone numbers and contact form.

Here's a map to help you find us and a link to  Google maps

Lion Road is a short road off Pawsons Road.
The closest postcode to us is CR0 2QB

                          PLANT & CAKE SALE

                        Saturday 26th May, from 10am to 1pm.
Entrance in Lion Road.
  See our Open Days page for more details and pictures of our previous parties.

                                    AGM 2018

                      Haslemere Hall (click for a map)
Please note: New Venue This Year!
The AGM was held on Saturday 10th March 2018 at 3pm.

Do you have an email address?
Let us know - it would be great to be able to send this to you direct and let you know of other important dates.

                              Competitions and Winners

                          Our Best Plot winners were:
Best Large Plot (Lion Road) -    Mrs Palmieri, plots 80/82
Best Large Plot (Bert Road)  -    Mr Morris,   plot 14
Best Small Plot, (Lion Road) -     Bob Smith, plot 85
Best Small Plot, (Bert Road) -     Karolina Sadowska, plot 24 
Best Overall Newcomer -  Loredana Ivanov,  plot 137 (pictured with Sheila, the chair)


                                 Composting Toilet

The toilet during construction.

We were lucky to be awarded a grant by Croydon Council, which helped pay for the building and fittings.

All work was carried out by volunteers and the committee.

Our Composting Toilet
officially opened by
Councillor Alison Butler
at our Party on the Plot 2014.

                                  Plot Inspections

Plot Inspections & Weedy Letters
During the growing season, you may notice members of the committee looking at your plot. 
They are doing this to help all of us keep the allotment site open.
This is because we lease it from Croydon Council and we need to meet certain standards.
 1.   If you should receive a weedy 1 letter, this will specify what you need to do to improve your plot and when you need to do it by.
 2.   If the work is not done within the time stated, you will receive a second letter giving a further week to carry out the work.  
 3.   If there is still no improvement after the second letter you will receive a third letter (notice to quit) giving you a week to clear your crops and tools and return your key and receive your key deposit by cheque. 

 The National Federation rules only require us to give one improvement  letter before being asked to leave but we felt that points 1 to 3 above is a fairer process for all of us. Don’t forget to talk to us if you have problems maintaining your allotment before it gets out of hand.

The 3 K's
  Keep your edges/path clear,
  Keep weeding!
  Keep planting!!! And remember number your plot clearly.

 Which edge/path are you responsible for?    
a) All the edges of your plot.
        b) Path between you and your neighbours
        (Interplot path) to the right of your plot when you are on           the main road/path looking at your plot.

        c) Upkeep of 12" of verge in front of your plot from your             plot edge -  so don’t chuck stones  or rubbish on it as               the Working Party may be coming along with the lawn              mower!

   Free Manure  
   We do get occasional free deliveries of manure and wood          chippings.
   It is dropped just past the office It disappears
   quickly so please help yourself while it's there.

                                 Working Parties

  On the first Sunday of each month we hold a working party to maintain the site.
  We do not get any assistance from the council in carrying out or paying for the work so we need as much help as possible from plot holders to keep the site up to the standards required in our lease.
                     All volunteers are welcome to join in.

  We would love to welcome you as all assistance helps to      keep the maintenance fees down and avoids the expense   of employing tradesmen.

                    Work can include weeding, painting etc:
                    No skills required- just come along & join in.

          We start work at 9am and finish at 12 noon, when a
                                 Free Lunch will be provided.

From 2017 all plotholders are asked to contribute a minimum of 3 hours work a year.  If this is not possible, an additional maintenance charge will be added to the annual rent.

                               The Memorial Garden

Bensham Manor Plotholders sadly, have seen many dear gardening friends pass on.
 Plotholders of the day felt it was important that these people should be remembered by the Society and it was decided to make the embankment at the Pitt Road entrance a Memorial garden.

 A simple wooden cross was erected and relatives and friends of the departed planted shrubs and trees as a living memorial. As the years have passed it became apparent that some people wanted to plant
more delicate plants and bulbs and the embankment was not a suitable place.  By the office was a small area of land unused.
Once again a worthy team of volunteers set about creating a small ornamental garden for use as a second  memorial garden. 2 benches were also erected for those who wished to sit and reflect.
Then a few years ago sadly a plotholder named John Flaherty died.
He was so popular not only in the allotments for all the help he gave to everyone and the Society.
In Croydon & Thornton Heath he was a Folk/ Country Singer who regularly performed at Ruskin House.
He had loved the allotments so much his widow wanted his ashes to be scattered in the memorial Garden.

Chairman of the day Derek Fishlock decided that if this was going to happen than the ground would need to be consecrated or blessed so that it would be a fitting place to have ashes scattered.
 The local vicar, a great supporter of the allotment came and performed both ceremonies and Derek arranged for marble stone to be inscribed “Memorial Garden” so that all who pass by will understand the significance of this small garden within the allotment site.

 Over the years since then many plants have been planted in memory and now the garden is a truly lovely place to see as you enter the site.

Our Memorial Garden and communal area for our Open Days

                            How Plots are measured

Plot sizes are measured in rods, an old Anglo-Saxon unit so-called because it was the length of the rod used to control a team of oxen. A rod is 5.5 yards (5.03metres).
There are 4 rods in a chain, that is 22 yards (20.12 metres)  There are 10 chains in a furlong and 8 furlongs in a mile. So a mile is 80 x 22 = 1760 yards (1609.3 metres).

An acre is the area of land that could be ploughed in a day, being a furrow long (furlong)  and a chain wide, or 160 square rods, which is 4840 sq yards (4048 sq metres). 

A hectare is 10,000 sq metres so an acre is 0.4 of a hectare. Plots sizes are usually 5 rods or 10 rods.

A 10 rod allotment is actually 10 square rods in area, that is 10 x 5.5 x 5.5 = 302.5 sq yards (253 sq metres). 

In metric units, a 10 rod allotment is one fortieth of a hectare: in imperial units it is one sixteenth of an acre.