Renting a Plot

Our waiting list is now closed due to a large number of applications. There are ~200 plots and they are currently all allocated. 

Please monitor this site in September when we will see if we can reopen the waiting list. In the meantime, if you email us to request a plot you will not be added to the waiting list. 

Sorry, but we can only accept requests from residents within a 2 mile radius of our site. If you are outside our area but in Croydon, here’s a link to Croydon Council Allotment page.

See our radius here. 

An average plot is measured in the old English measurement of Rods (30sq yds per rod and are usually 8 or 10 rods). More information on our plot sizes.

We also have smaller plots (4 or 5 rods), which are ideal if you are new to allotment growing.