Community Shop

The shop is now open 10:00-12:00 on Sundays – Until November 2023

The Community Shop is located at the Lion Road Entrance. 

Welcome to the Community Shop.

The shop is manned only by volunteers and is open on Sunday Mornings, see above for times.

In the shop we have many items. 4ft and 8ft Bamboo Canes, Multi Purpose Compost, Grow bags, and to promote growing, various fertilisers including Granular Growmore, Liquid Growmore, Liquid Maxicrop, and to get rid of those pests, Slug Pellets. In addition, Plastic pots, seed trays standard and half size, plant labels and many more items, why not pop in and say hello and have a look.

Thank you to all that use the shop.

Trading Manager

🧅 Autumn Planting Onion Sets & Garlic 🧄
Now available in the Community Shop!

Shop Inventory and Prices for 2023