Historical Maps

You may find the following historical maps of interest. 1761An exact survey of the city’s of London Westminster , VIII –  John Rocque, 1761 1896Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.


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2017 During the last year we worked on the refurbishment of the kitchen, which had become unusable as the floor had collapsed. We were lucky to be given a set of kitchen units, an electric hob and oven, so the first main task was taking out the brick wall, which separated the kitchen from the …


Best Plot Competition Usually the committee chooses the best plots in three categories;  Best Large Plot, Best Small Plot and Best Newcomer. This year we invited all plotholders to nominate their choices for the awards. If you would like to nominate a plot, please speak to any of the committee members. 2017 Results Last year’s …


Bonfire Guidelines Please follow the guidelines below. A bonfire can be a useful way for disposing of garden waste that cannot be composted. Remember that the allotment sites are surrounded by residential properties and we need to ensure that you do not cause a nuisance to others when disposing of your waste. Currently the main …


The committee is made up of volunteer plot holders.  We meet once a month, currently the Monday following the first Sunday of the month. If you are interested in joining the committee, please speak to any of the committee members, or write to us using the details on the Contact page. Below is a list …

Community Shop

The Community Shop is located at the Lion Road Entrance. The shop is now open. We stock a good range of compost, fertilisers, slug pellets and other items. Why not pop in for a tea or coffee? It’s always seems to be the case that you get to your plot and realise you’ve run out of string, …