Special General Meeting on Saturday 4th February 2018

This meeting was open to all plotholders discuss several changes to the rules. 

Also discussed was a proposal to increase the key deposit from £50 to £100, due to several keys not being returned.  This was voted against by the majority of plotholders present, so was not brought to the AGM in March.

Following discussions at the AGM on 5th March 2017, we held a Special General Meeting on 23rd July 2017, in  the communal garden.

This was to discuss and vote on a change to the Tenancy Agreement involving the maintenance of the site.  This was required as the required maitenance needs to be spread more fairly amongst the memers of the Society, rather than just a handful of volunteers.

It was agreed by the all attendees (with one abstention) that the Tenancy Agreement will now include a mandatory three hours of maintenance work on the communal areas of the sites by all tenants.

Tenants will have the option to sign up for one of the Monthly Working Parties where numbers allow or carry out their three hours on tasks agreed by a committee member.

Any tenant who cannot or is unwilling to complete their three hours will have a penalty charge of £25 added to their rent.